Cheats and Glitches

Orange Sensei Glitch

1.You have to have the dojo mail.
2. Go to Ski hill on a popular server.
3.Make sure your PC’s sound is on and play sled racing.
4.Immediately open your mailbox.
5.When the music starts find your dojo mail and click ‘Lets go to the dojo’.
6.It should take you to the dojo.
7.Go over to Sensei and talk to him.
8.Challenge Sensei and he should be orange!
9.Whichever card you choose you will tie him.
10.He will stay orange for the next 3 challenges you do with him.
11.Have fun with Orange Sensei!

Sit and Spin

1.Go anywhere on cp.
2.Hold down S on your keyboard and spin!

No Named Puffle Glitch

1.Go to the pet shop and buy a puffle.

2.When you come to naming it only put a space and click next.

3.Finish adopting your puffle and go to your igloo to check if it worked!

Walking Puffles!

1. Find A Penguin which is walking alot but it cant be your friend.

2. Make Sure the penguin is walking a puffle.

3.Put that penguin on your ignore list.

4. If that penguin is still walking the puffle will be walking by itself!

5. If the penguin  says something it will look like the puffle is talking aswel as walking!

(Video Here soon!)

Jelly Bean Counters

1.Go to the game Bean Counters
2.Click on the patch on the brown bag.

3.It will look like this:


4.When you begin playing it will look like this:

5.Have fun with the jelly beans!

Note: This only works on the My Penguin App!

Club Penguin Emoticons
E + 1 = Laughing face
E + 2 = Smiling/happy face
E + 3 = Straight face
E + 4 = Sad face
E + 5 = Surprised face
E + 6 = Tongue smiley face
E + 7 = Winking face
E + 8 = Puking face
E + 9 = Angry/hatred face
E + 0 = Sad/crying face
E + C = Coffee cup emoticon
E + D = Sun emoticon
E + F = Flower emoticon
E + G = Gaming emoticon
E + H = Heart emoticon
E + I = Igloo emoticon
E + L = Four leaf clover
E + M = Money/coin emoticon
E + N = Moon/stars emoticon
E + P = Puffle emoticon
E + Q = Strawberry ice cream cone emoticon
E + S = Skull emotion
E + T = Music note emoticon (makes farting noise)
E + W = Chocolate ice cream cone emoticon
E + Z = Pizza Emoticon


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