Hi From Ella4001!

I want some friends so viewers, if you play cp can you please friend me!

Username: Ella4001 ( Emmy )

You are cool!


Hi From Icu18!

Hi viewers! My Pet puffle Sparky is helping me dig up some coins. You are more than welcome to friend me too.

Username: Icu18.      

You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Missing Puffles!

Oh no! Puffles are missing all over the island! I wonder what happened to them?

The yellow puffle is missing from the stage:

Missing Yellow Puffle


The green puffle is missing from the dance club:

Missing Green Puffle


The orange puffle is missing from the Box Dimension:

Missing Orange Puffle


The black puffle is missing from puffle rescue:

Missing Black Puffle


Hope They Come Back!

My New Player Card

Today I got some puffles from Farmers and I entered the code and got new clothes. The clothes that I am currently wearing are my backup clothes but I still like using them while taking breaks.

Here’s my backup outfit:

My New Player Card


Here’s my regular outfit:

My Regular Outfit